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The purpose of our Rotary eClub is to extend Rotary to business professionals and community leaders in Rotary District 5010 who are unable to meet traditional attendance requirements. The inability to attend a traditional Rotary club could be the result of demanding business or professional commitments, extensive travel, confinement due to ill health or disability, or residence beyond reasonable distance from an existing Rotary Club.
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Who is Nancy? During a recent FaceTime session with Nancy, I asked three questions which I thought would help us to get to know her better.  
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The eClub, together with the generosity of its members and District 5010 Rotary, helped feed Alaska kids with 2500.00 in support to Kids Kupboard....click image to read more
News from eClub of District 5010 International (Alaska)
Meet The Speaker: Dr. Sandy Burkart
April 10, 2021 Meeting
Topic: Serendipity and Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall
Dr. Sandy Burkart is an Orthopaedic Certified Specialist and has been a member of Rotary International since 1990. He is also a retired professor from West Virginia University and Chairman of Physical Therapy. He currently runs his own private practice with the Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine and teaches with the Functional Rehabilitation Associates.
Dr. Burkart will be exploring the journey of Sarah Culbertson, author of "A Princess Found: An American Family, an African Chiefdom, and the Daughter Who Connected Them All". Born in West Virginia and adopted by parents who were members of Rotary, she learned that her biological father was a Chief in Africa and she was in fact, a Princess. After traveling to Sierra Leone to meet her biological father, Ms. Culbertson established the The Sierra Leone Foundation alongside her adopted parents to serve communities in the African nation.
In addition to this presentation, Dr. Burkart is a recognized national and international speaker. He has delivered more than 400 workshops, presentations and teleconferences around the world. Topics include orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation, functional training and rehabilitation, manual therapy and more.
He has also been actively involved in Rotary Youth Exchanges and participated in numerous Rotary International Service projects, including a water project in Guatemala, the purchase of pediatric surgery instruments for St Anne's Hospital in Zimbabwe and the building of a school in Swaziland.
Welcome Dr. Sandy Burkart!
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