Floyd Shilanski is not used to the spotlight;  typically he is the guy at the back making sure that everything is perfectly organized, well managed and thoroughly thought out.  His training in the USAF goes far to explain both his passion for detail and his disciplined approach to getting the job done in his own field of financial planning at www.shilanski.com

He himself says:  “I grew up hungry” so that he knows what it is to have a strong work ethic in order to achieve success!  His was a mixed family in west Texas where whatever was on the table was the result of their own hard work and ingenuity. He is still a passionate gardener at home in Big Lake, Alaska, where he also owns a small marina that, indirectly, led him to join Rotary.  His lake-side location brought him many visitors, including Josh Genet who first suggested he join the club.  Floyd insisted he had no time for such things but once he discovered the advantages of our e-Club, he realized that Rotary’s motto ‘Service above Self’ was exactly his guiding principle as well.  Certainly this year’s presidential theme ‘Serve to change lives’ goes far to explain Floyd’s passion for helping kids and his involvement with Rotary service projects like Kids Kupboard in Wasilla www.kidskupboard.com

The many thousands of dollars he has helped raise are a tribute to his hard work and dedication.Thank you Floyd, we all hope you enjoy a well deserved holiday on Maui with Rosa to whom you have been married for 51 years and your extended family-including great grandchild!