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Our club was a conceived and developed by past District Governor Sue Foley. While she was District Governor Elect, she conducted a poll of prior Rotarians who had resigned their membership. She found most of these prior Rotarians no longer participated because circumstances had changed in their life and they were unable to make regular weekly meetings.

As a visionary, DG Sue knew if she could develop the ability for these prior Rotarians to fully participate in Rotary, despite their changed circumstances, she would be able to bring back many wonderful Rotarians to the District, strengthening District 5010. During her year a tremendous amount of effort was placed in creating District 5010 eClub.  She challenged a District 5010 Club Expansion Committee - Terri Hall, Marty Metiva, and Tim Trueblood - to "make it happen".  With her Leadership and their ceaseless efforts, it happened.  

At the D5010 2014 District Conference Governor's Banquet, evening of May 17th, the Rotary eClub of District 5010, Alaska-Yukon was given its charter. Presented by RI President's Representative Ian H.S. Riseley to Charter President Leo Rasmussen, this new club represents an historic first for District 5010. The club was chartered 26 charter members, including seven Rotary club Past Presidents, four former Rotarians, and eight new Rotarians. The new club will bring a host of strengths and opportunities to Rotary at the Top of the World. Charter members hail from Ecuador, Sweden, Wisconsin, Hawaii and across the District from Ketchikan to Nome and Barrow.

As an eClub, we provide the ability for Rotarians to fully participate in Rotary despite having work or other constraints limiting their ability to attend a more traditional brick and mortar club.