Mobile Network in a Box
Hazard Primary School and Special Education Unit
Clarendon, Jamaica
This eClub project provided a turnkey computer lab in a box to support computer literacy and educational development for students in Hazard Primary School and Special Education Unit This rural school, serving about 700 students between 6 and 12 years of age from several communities, is in Clarendon, Jamaica, where computer equipment and reliable power is not readily available.  
Computer literacy and internet access are fundamental to improving education and world awareness and can be transformative for individuals and society.  However, the lack of reliable electrical power remains an impediment to effectively using educational technology in remote areas of many countries. 
The project established a portable multi-station computer network suitable for up to eight hours of battery-powered daily classroom use anywhere, inside or outside of a conventional classroom or building, even when there is no access to standard AC electrical outlets. 
Three eClub members, Nancy Dodge, Geri Crowley and Shanique Williams worked with the school onsite to set up and activate the network.  Project implementation was coordinated with the May Pen Rotary Club (District 7020).