Posted by Catherine Limbertie on Jul 09, 2020
Spotlight on Brian, President 2020-21!
We say a fond au revoir and thanks to immediate past president Ariel Talen-Keller and give an enthusiastic welcome to our 2020-21 president Brian Shimek!  Brian tells us a little about himself.
Who I am outside of Zoom?
I'm a husband, father to the best dog, and "farmer" to backyard chickens. My professional work is in Elementary Education. That has been as a full-time classroom teacher, as 1:1 Special Education support, and an instructor for small groups. We (wife/dog/I) live in Ketchikan, but moved here from Anchorage several years ago. My general hope for the world lies in the future of the children and the loving-kindness of dogs. 
Why Rotary?
I grew up around Rotary, and was a Rotary Exchange student in 2000-2001. The Rotarians I saw doing projects and meetings together showed me people who were choosing to work together for someone else's sake. As an adult, I appreciate even more how important it is to look past some differences between people to focus on a shared belief or goal. That's progress and peacebuilding. 
Why the eClub?
I'm in Rotary because someone saw my future potential and invited me to join. A Rotarian believed in me, and that was a big deal. 
I joined the eClub when it was being charted because I knew that I would shortly be moving towns, away from my original club.  That was nearly 7 years ago.  Despite moving across the state, changing jobs, and muddling through a health pandemic, the eClub has been a reliable constant.  I appreciate that meeting online balances better with my family and home time, and that there‚Äôs no obligation to pay for a meal out.   Unexpectedly enough, members of the club have become my dear friends, despite distance and age gaps.  Aspects of Rotary life like Service and Fellowship are challenging in an eClub format, but this club is an amazing place to pitch and try new ideas with support from others.